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                S D Olsen Construction

Welcome to the New S D Olsen Construction

S.D. Olsen Construction is a small locally owned and operated high-end custom home building construction company offering quality construction at a reasonable price. The company was started by Steven D. Olsen in 1979. S.D. Olsen Construction has been serving Sacramento County, Placer County and El Dorado County ever since.S.D. Olsen Construction has built over fifty one of a kind, custom homes for very satisfied home owners. Steve’s business philosophy is to give his clients the most information he can up front, so that they can work together as a team during construction and enjoy the process of building the home together. Steve believes he has a system that is time tested. Throughout his thirty years of custom home building experience, he has taken his knowledge and developed a system for breaking down the components of building a custom home. He lays this out in a very straight forward Cost Breakdown and Specification document. He tries to do the bulk of the planning up front so his client has full knowledge of what finishes to expect in the final product.Typically Steve will be referred by either an architect, past client or a real estate agent involved in a particular development that he has worked in. If a client comes to him early on in their decision for purchasing a lot for their new home, he will meet them at the lot and discuss the pros and cons of building on that particular lot. He will even do a cost comparison between building on one lot as compared to building on another lot. At that point he will introduce the client to an Architect to discuss the design requirements for their home. At some point in the design process, he prefers to have an Interior Designer involved as well. He believes it’s important to establish a team of professionals early on in the process so that the home can be designed according to the client’s specifications. By having assembled a team that consists of a Builder, Architect and Interior Designer, they will able to draw information from three different perspectives all directed towards the client’s ultimate dream home. The Architect will develop a plan, concentrating on what the home will look like and how the plan will flow. The Interior Designer will integrate colors, textures, and interior designs that will create the desired overall ‘feel’ of the home. The Builder will concentrate on the cost, making sure the culmination of all the perspectives results in something that can be built according to the client’s budget.S.D. Olsen Construction has come to offer many different services ranging from planning, lot selection, value engineering, home design, building and so much more.S.D. Olsen Construction believes that if you are looking for a reliable construction company to complete your job correctly and in a timely manor, you just found the right company. We try to keep up with all of the latest trends and techniques and stay as knowledgeable in every area of construction as we can. Most importantly, we strive to perform the highest quality work possible and to satisfy our customers.When he’s not working hard for his client’s, Steve knows the importance of spending quality time with his family and friends. He enjoys tennis, skiing, wake-boarding surfing, and of course he’s a Sacramento Kings fan! .If you are looking for a reliable construction company to get the job done right, just give S.D. Olsen Construction a call and you won’t be disappointed!

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

CSLB license 385830